Flytipping, flyposting and graffiti


Flytipping is a crime punishable by fine or imprisonment, a blot on Taunton Deane’s landscape and potential threat to human health and that of wildlife and domesticated animals.

Everyone in Taunton Deane can fight flytipping by reporting incidents and those responsible and ensuring that their own waste is not fly-tipped.

Each individual and business has a duty of care over their waste, even after it has left their home or premises.

For more information on fighting fly-tipping check How we can all fight fly-tipping section on Somerset Waste Partnership website.

To report flytipping fill out the online report flytipping form or telephone 01823 356356.

Make sure to give the exact location of the fly-tip. If you don’t know the address please include a description of nearest landmark in your report.

We will attend to reported fly-tipping incidents within 5 working days.

Flyposting and graffiti

To report flyposting or graffiti fill out the online report flyposting or graffiti form or telephone 01823 356356.

We only remove graffiti from public areas or council properties. We may only remove graffiti from private property when we have owner’s permission and there is a charge for this service – to find out more fill out the Quotations form.

Offensive or racial graffiti will be removed from public buildings within 24 hours of receiving report.

Other reported graffiti or flyposting will be removed from public areas and street furniture within 5 working days.

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