Litter and street cleansing

We aim to keep Taunton Deane clean and clear of litter.

The streets of Taunton Deane are swept by mechanical road sweepers on an eight week rota or manually on a four week rota.

The litter bins in Taunton town centre and Wellington are emptied on a daily basis. All the other Town bins are emptied at least twice a week. The majority of bins in villages are emptied once a week, except in some smaller rural areas where the bins are emptied once a moth.

To report a problem regarding litter or street cleansing please fill out our online forms or call  us on telephone 01823 356356. 


To report litter or broken glass fill out the online report litter form. To report faeces or vomit fill out the online report faeces or vomit form.

Drug litter

Drug litter in a public place presents a danger to the public, so if you notice used syringes or needles discarded in public spaces around Taunton Deane, call 01823 356356 (Monday to Friday 8am-6pm) or 01823 351411 for emergency out of hours service. We will collect the drug litter within 2 hours.

Litter bins

To report a full, damaged or vandalised litter bin fill out the report litter bin problem form.

Road sweeping

To report a problem with a road sweeper fill out the report road sweeper problem form.

We will attend to a reported problem within 5 working days, except from safety hazards which we will attend to as soon as we can.

Please make sure to give an exact location in your report. If you don’t know the address please provide the description of nearest landmark.

Our services cover only public areas around Taunton Deane.

Contact us 

Customer Contact

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 6:00pm


Phone: 01823 356356 

Deane Helpline

Out of hours (Monday to Friday 6:00pm-8:00am + weekends)

Phone: 01823 351411 

Parks and Open Spaces

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm


Phone: 01823 217527