Smokefree Somerset

England went Smokefree on 1 July 2007.  This means that smoking is no longer permitted in workplaces and public places that are 'enclosed' or 'substantially enclosed'. This includes public transport or vehicles used for work by more than one person. The reason why this law has been introduced is to protect the public and employees from the harmful effects of second hand smoke.

Virtually all enclosed workplaces and public places are smoke free. This means:

The legislation covers the smoking of tobacco or anything that contains tobacco, or smoking of any other substance, including manufactured and hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes, cigars, herbal cigarettes and water pipes (including shisha, hookah and hubble-bubble pipes).

All enclosed and substantially enclosed public places and workplaces must be smoke free. This includes permanent and temporary structures such as tents or marquees.

Premises are enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof and, except for doors, windows and passageways, are wholly enclosed either on a temporary or permanent basis. Premises are substantially enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof, but have an opening in the walls which is less than half the total area of the walls. The area of the opening does not include doors or windows.

There is no requirement to provide a smoking shelter. If you are considering having a smoking shelter, you should ensure that it is constructed so that it is not enclosed or substantially enclosed. You may also need planning permission and building control approval.

Smoking in public places and the workplace is dealt with as a public health matter within Great Britain. The Department of Health takes the lead on this in England.

Further information on the requirements under this legislation and what it means for businesses, employers, employees and the public can be found on the Smokefree England website.

Links to the Officer of Public Sector Information (OPSI) regarding Smokefree legislation can also be found on the Smokefree England website.

Help is available for smokers who want to quit.  Please contact:

Smokefreelife Somerset – open to anyone in Somerset who would like help to stop smoking;

Helpline: 0800 246 1063 or 01823 765006