Emergency housing

If you or you know someone who might be in need of emergency housing you can find details of organisations that may be able to help. There are also some points which may be useful.

External websites

External agencies

Open Door Day Centre
1A Mount Street

Provide: Meals and showers
Phone: 01823 271996

Hostel Crash Pads
TAH Outreach Team

Provide: Temporary beds in a shared room at a local hostel
Mobile: 0743 6094021
Mobile: 0743 6090424
Phone: 01823 254557 out of hours

Nightstop 16 to 24 year olds (P2i)

Provide: Room, meal and shower in a home of a volunteer host
Phone: 01278 726040

Extreme weather conditions
Taunton Deane Housing Options

Phone: 01823 356581

Out of area (Reconnections)
People who do not have a local connection to Somerset can be advised about accommodation options in another area.

Phone: 01823 356581