Victoria Park

Victoria Park is open parkland of around 5.7 hectares and has an increasingly important role to play in contributing to the quality of life of residents in the town centre and in attracting visitors and businesses to the county.

The park is located in the Eastgate Ward of Taunton, an area of late 19th and early 20th century terraced housing bounded on three sides by extremely busy roads - Priory bridge Road, Victoria Parkway and East Reach. The park is bounded by a Community School, rear gardens of residential housing, an access road and a car park and doctor’s surgery. It is the only recreational greenspace in the ward and serves the adjacent ward of Halcon as well by virtue of the subway under Victoria Parkway.

Access and entrances

Eastbourne Gate, Wilfred Road, Union Gate (off East Reach), Victoria Gate, Priory Avenue, Cranmer Road / Hugo Street and Somerset Place.


Playing fields with three football pitches, pavilion with changing rooms, a meeting room and public toilets. Multi use games area, a large children's play area and gardens including ornamental, community and wildlife garden.


Public car park (off Victoria Gate).