Introductory tenancies

An introductory tenancy is a temporary tenancy, which lasts 12 months, effectively you are on probation during this period. By providing a reduced form of security of tenure when you first move in provides an opportunity for the council to monitor whether or not you and your household are able to conform to the tenancy conditions.  

If you break the conditions set out in your tenancy agreement you can be evicted more quickly and easily, or we may decide to extend the introductory tenancy by up to 6 months. 

If you conduct your tenancy in a satisfactory way within this period, then you will become a secure tenant. 

Why we are having introductory tenancies

Taunton Deane Borough Council is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour. We are using introductory tenancies to help us make sure that our estates are safe and pleasant places to live. By using introductory tenancies, helps make it easier for us to evict new tenants whose behaviour is anti-social and affects the quality of life of other residents living in the same community.

Rights and responsibilities

As an introductory tenant you have the same responsibilities as a secure tenant but you do not have the same rights. You must

As an introductory tenant you will not be able to

Visits during your tenancy

If there are problems

For further information with regards to reviews, please refer to your welcome pack.

Request for a review

Review panel hearing

A Review Panel hearing is a meeting with senior managers, who have not been involved in the decision to evict you or extend your tenancy, who will look at all the evidence of how you have conducted your tenancy. The review panel will consider whether you have broken your tenancy agreement. 

You can either attend in person or appeal in writing if you do not want to attend. 

You should:

You can:

Review panel decision

You will be notified of the Review Panel’s decision in writing before the date after which proceedings for possession may be begun, which are set out in the notice. If the Review Panel decides you have broken your tenancy agreement and your tenancy should be extended you will remain an introductory tenant for a further 6 months.

If the Review Panel decides you have broken your tenancy agreement and your tenancy should be ended, the council will apply to the court to end your tenancy.  As long as we have followed these procedures the court WILL end your tenancy. This means that you will lose your home and you are likely to be found intentionally homeless.

For further information please contact your Estates Officer.