Licence applications received

We keep a list of current licence applications. The applications listed will be serving a 28 day representation period or 10 working day representation period in the case of Minor Variations.

If you wish to make a representation, you must do so in writing and before the end of the consultation period. You can complete a representation form online by clicking on the 'Make a representation' link next to the application you wish to comment on.  Alternatively you can complete a representation form and send it to us.

If you make a representation you may be invited to attend a Licensing sub committee hearing. If a hearing is required, you will receive an invitation in the post, along with an explanation of how a hearing works.

Please note that it is an offence, knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is £5000.

Laws and regulation

Premises licences are granted under the Licensing Act 2003.