Land charges

Local authority searches form part of the conveyancing process when buying and selling properties. They make sure that buyers of properties are not caught out by obligations on these properties. Searches are submitted by solicitors and agents to find out what Land Charges and restrictions there may be on a particular property, or piece of land, within Taunton Deane’s boundary.

Taunton Deane Borough Council (TDBC) provides a highly efficient and accurate level of service to solicitors, agents and members of the public, requesting a local search to be made against residential/commercial properties or land, within the area.

We aim to return all searches within 7 days, please see attached fee schedule for a list of our current fees.

Search forms

The two forms that make up a full search are the Official Certificate of Search form (LLC1) and the Enquiries of Local Authorities form (CON29). These are available from The Law Society, solicitors or any legal stationers.  If you require additional optional questions you would use form CON29O, which allows you to ask a wider variety of questions.

The Land Registry

For details about private land ownership, title deeds and title plans, please contact the Land Registry on at the Land Registry Deeds website.