North Taunton Woolaway regeneration scheme

Woolaway house front elevation

The Council is exploring a project that focuses on Woolaway construction homes that are located in the North Taunton area. The Council needs to establish the best solution for dealing with the large concentration of Woolaway properties in the area. In order to achieve this, the project team will work in partnership with residents and stakeholders in the area.

A Woolaway property looks ‘normal’ in appearance, but how the property is built is different. A Woolaway house type is not built traditionally with timber, brick or block but is made up of concrete frames and panels.

Woolaway homes can suffer deterioration that may affect their life span and the Government has universally designated this house type as defective. These homes are still safe to live in. In recent years Taunton Deane Borough Council commissioned a review of its Woolaway properties and that review provided the Council with information on the remaining predicted lifespan of the Woolaway properties within its ownership.

The Council, therefore, needs to work with residents and the wider community to find an appropriate solution to this problem. The North Taunton area was selected as it contains the highest number of Woolaway properties owned by Taunton Deane Borough Council.

It is likely that the solutions to structural issues will require some residents to move, either permanently or on a temporary basis. However, until we have consulted with the community and decided together on what the best solution is, we do not know for certain which residents will be required to move.  We want to ensure that residents continue to live comfortably in their homes, but equally the Council cannot invest significant sums on non-essential repairs for properties that may be affected by the outcome of this project.

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