North Taunton Woolaway Project FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Is my home safe?

We would like to be very clear in explaining that this does not mean there are any immediate safety problems with your home as a result of their construction type, but,  the reduced lifespan of the properties is an issue that the Council needs to consider now to ensure that we have homes fit for the future.

Which properties are affected?

The project is focused on Woolaway construction homes in the North Taunton area only.  If you live in a property in this area that is not of Woolaway construction, your home will not be directly affected.  If you are unsure if you live in a Woolaway, please contact us and we can inform you by checking your address.

What is happening to other Woolaway properties in Taunton Deane?

The Council will consider how to deal with all Woolaway properties within its ownership. At present the focus is on the Woolaway properties in North Taunton.

When are you going to start?

At present the project is at an early stage. The Council has begun the process by talking to you, as members of the community and other stakeholders.

What are the timescales for the project?

We intend to spend the next 3 months consulting with the North Taunton community to find the best solution to deal with the problem of the limited lifespan of the Woolaway properties.

How does it affect me?

At the current time you will not be affected, other, than being invited to join the rest of the community to share your views and opinions.

Will I be asked to move?

Due to the fact that the problem is with the construction of the properties, it is likely that the solution to this problem will require residents to move, either permanently or on a temporary basis.  However, until we have consulted and decided on the best solution, we do not know for certain which residents, will be required to move.

Will repairs still be carried out on the Woolaway properties?

We want to ensure that residents continue to live comfortably in their homes but equally the Council cannot invest significant sums on non-essential repairs to properties that may be affected by the outcome of this project.  As a result, for the duration of this project, the Council will suspend planned up-grades and only undertake essential repairs.

When will we see plans for the area?

The initial plans detailing proposals for the entire area were shown at the public consultation event on 8 June 2018.  The final plans were displayed at the consultation event on 5 October.

I own my home and it has not been refurbished.  Will I be entitled to help?

Taunton Deane Borough Council cannot use Housing Revenue Account (HRA) funding, which is generated from tenants' rental income, to invest in privately owned properties.  We are looking into other potential funding sources and will advise private owners who are in this position, when we receive feedback.

As a tenant, what if I want to move now?

At this stage, nobody is required to move as a result of this project.  However, if you do wish to move, we will be happy to assist you. You will need to join Homefinder Somerset and bid for a new home.  The Project Team will be happy to assist you with all aspects of finding a new home, including using and bidding for homes on Homefinder.  A North Taunton Woolaway Project Allocations Plan has been created to advise on how we can assist members of the community to seek a new home during the consultation phase.

If as a tenant I move during the consultation stage am I entitled to any compensation?

If you move during the consultation stage, the Council will pay you discretionary disturbance compensation which is designed to cover reasonable costs associated with moving.  As an example this could be removal costs, fees to redirect mail, contribution towards new carpets/curtains that will not fit in your new home.  You will not be paid any additional compensation at this stage.  If you are entitled to further compensation (that will be detailed in the implementation charter) you will be paid this retrospectively, once a final proposal for the area is agreed and approved. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We will ensure we speak to each member of the community that lives in a Woolaway property. In the meantime, if you would like to contact us you can do so via:

Phone: 01823 219 159

Or in person at our community office at 27 Rochester Road, Taunton, TA2 7LB which will be open at:

Monday: 10am-4pm
Tuesday: 1pm-4pm
Wednesday: Closed but contactable via phone and email.
Thursday: 10am-4pm
Friday: Closed but contactable via phone and email
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

We will invite residents living in a Woolaway to join our Facebook page