If you wish to hold a public demonstration or stage performance of hypnosis, you must obtain written authorisation from us.

The person carrying out the hypnosis is the person who must write to ask for authorisation.
If you allow hypnosis to take place on a premises that you own or manage, you must ensure that the hypnotist has authorisation from us. You must also check that a hypnotist has authorisation if you have requested a performance.
We will only authorise hypnotists who are full members of a relevant professional body, such as the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists (FESH.)

You can apply for a hypnotism permit online. Alternatively you can request authorisation by sending us a letter along with proof of your membership to a professional body.

You must apply at least two weeks before the performance takes place.

Once we have received your letter, we will check to ensure you are a member of a professional body and also that they are a suitable professional body.
If we decide to allow your hypnosis event to take place, you will receive a letter giving you authorisation with attached conditions. We provide a  list of standard conditions relating to performances of hypnosis. You will also be notified if your request has been unsuccessful.

We will respond to your request within ten working days.

Laws and regulation

Hypnosis is controlled by the Hypnotism Act 1952.