How to comment on a planning application

We try to consult with people we believe may be affected by any planning applications we receive. We will write to you directly to inform you of a development proposal near to your address, or we will post a notice of planning application in an easily viewed position near to the property or land concerned.

If you would like to make a comment the easiest way you can do this is directly by using our See or comment on a planning application online service. Alternatively you may email or you can write a letter and send it to:

Growth and Development
The Deane House
Belvedere Road

Please submit your comments within 21 days of receiving your notice of an application to ensure that your comments can be considered and also that they are issues we can consider in deciding the application. Your comments can be taken into account up to when a decision is made but to guarantee their consideration they should be submitted within the 21 day consultation period. Please be aware that we cannot treat your comments as confidential. They will be placed on file for public inspection and will be published on our website within 7 working days. You must include a full postal address that will also be published on the website.

We will not write to you again unless the plans are significantly changed or to tell you if the application is reported to the Planning Committee. You will be invited to attend the Planning committee meeting and may speak if you wish to.

Once a decision on the application has been reached you will be able to view it online or in the local newspaper. If an application is refused the applicant has the right to appeal on the Planning Inspectorate website  If an appeal is lodged and you have sent comments to us, we will write to you again. If an application is approved you cannot appeal.