See or comment on a planning application

If you are interested in a specific planning application you can use our Planning Application online search to check on how the application is progressing. We hold details of all planning applications since 1986 in a database.

You can also view planning applications online at the Main Reception in The Deane House, Taunton


You are entitled to make a comment in support of or in objection to an application. We will take all comments in to account in reaching our decision. Please see our guide How to comment on a planning application.

Request a copy of a planning certificate

You can obtain a copy of a planning certificate online by using the search to find the relevant planning application. Once you have found the right application, simply select it and you will be given a list of available documents. You can download and print the planning certificate if a decision has been reached.

Historic planning applications

If you wish to view historic planning applications that do not have the information available online, you will need to provide a list of Planning Reference numbers you require. As some historic files will be stored off site there may be a delay and cost in retrieving these for you. In the first instance please email with your telephone number and we will let you know how long this is likely to take. Please title your email 'PLANNING HISTORY FILE REQUEST'.

Planning Application for improvements around Junction 25

The Planning Application for improvements around Junction 25 can be viewed on the Somerset County Council website.

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