Garden waste

A fortnightly garden waste collection service is offered to subscribers using a wheeled bin or compostable paper sacks. 

If you do not have a garden waste bin, you can request one. You can also order garden waste sacks. You do not need to have a green bin to order garden waste sacks. 

Annual renewal notices for wheeled bins are issued to subscribers early each year and start from 1 April. New subscriptions can start from anytime during the year, but the full-year fee will still apply for collections until renewals are due. Refunds cannot be issued for cancelling the service during the year. The garden waste service is suspended for two weeks over 25 December and 1 January.

Please note: Garden waste renewal stickers can take up to 15 days from order to delivery.

The cost for garden waste bin collections for 2019-20 is £56.90.

Garden waste bins are green and have a 180L capacity, the size of a standard domestic wheeled rubbish bin.

Sacks cost £28.40 for 10 and can be used throughout the year. The cost for collection of garden waste sacks is included in the price. 

Please note: the cost of the garden waste sacks does not increase until 1 April 2019.

Garden waste sacks are brown and have a 90L capacity, half the size of a standard domestic wheeled rubbish bin.

Green Wheelie Bin Garden Waste Sacks

Request or renew garden waste bin or sacks

Order garden waste bin tags, garden waste sacks and green garden waste bins.

Request or renew garden waste service