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Vary a premises licence

Advice about how to vary a premises licence if you want to alter the activities permitted or the operating hours.

Vary a sex establishment licence

If you are a current sex establishment licence holder we can help you to make changes to your licence, or to the premises holding it.

Vary club premises certificate licence

Information on how to apply to amend any of the details on a club premise certificate licence, if you are the current holder.

Victoria Gate

Victoria Gate Car Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is open parkland in Taunton of around 5.7 hectares and has an increasingly important role to play in contributing to the quality of life of residents in the town centre and in attracting visitors and businesses to the county.

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Vivary Park

Vivary Park is located close to Taunton town centre; it covers 7.5 hectares of parkland. The park occupies the land that in medieval times was the fish farm or vivarium for the priory and castle.