Trees are important for many reasons, they:

Where trees have a high amenity value, but are under threat, we protect them by serving Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). There are over 800 existing TPOs throughout Taunton Deane. A TPO may protect a single tree, or it may include a number of trees as individuals, groups or woodlands. If a tree is not protected by TPO, it may be protected by being within a Conservation Area.

If you would like the Council to consider serving a TPO, please contact us. An assessment of the tree will be carried out to see whether it merits protection. In summary, the criteria for serving a TPO are that the tree:

The TPO service

You can find out whether a tree is protected by a TPO, or is within a Conservation Area, by using our online search which takes you to the interactive map:

You can also check by emailing or by calling us. We recommend that you contact us to check the status of a tree before carrying out any works on it.

Applying for consent

If you own a tree protected by a TPO and wish to fell or prune it, you must get consent first. You can apply for consent by completing the relevant form (Application for Tree Works) via the Planning Portal website. You can search online for tree preservation orders.

If you wish to carry out works to a tree in a Conservation Area, you must give us six weeks notice. In that time we will consider whether the tree should be protected with a TPO. You do not need to give us notice if the tree trunk is less that 75mm in diameter at 1.5 metres above ground level. 

Carrying out works to a protected tree without consent is a criminal offence and could result in an unlimited fine. It is very important to seek our advice before going ahead with any works to a tree that you think may be protected.


We have 8 weeks to process TPO applications and 6 weeks for Conservation Area notifications, although in reality a decision is often dispatched well before the deadline.


There is no charge for applying for consent to carry out tree works on trees subject to TPO or those in Conservation Areas.

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Tree Preservation Orders

Check to see whether any of your trees are protected, either by TPO or by being within a Conservation Area.

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