Assistant Director for Business Development

Ian Timms, Assistant Director – Business Development, joined West Somerset Council in 2001. He initially started in private sector housing and over the next five years acquired the range of functions covering Environmental Health, Licensing, Health and Safety and Emergency Planning. In 2006 he took on the role of Customer Standards Zone Coordinator acting as a key member of the council’s change team. This role included in addition to the previous functional responsibilities leading the Strategic Housing functions and associated partnerships.

In 2009 Ian became a member of West Somerset Council's Corporate Management Team taking on responsibility for Housing, Welfare and Economy. This role was specifically accountable for all aspects of service delivery in: Strategic Housing, Private Sector Housing, Affordable Housing delivery, Environmental Health and Licensing, Planning Policy, Economic Development and Tourism, Revenues and Benefits. The role also had corporate responsibility for Health and Safety, Civil Contingencies, Health and Wellbeing, Troubled Families, Planning Obligations, Safeguarding and acting as Deputy monitoring officer.

Ian was heavily involved in West Somerset Council's work to address the challenges and opportunities relating to the development of Hinkley Point C.

In his role of Assistant Director Business Development for the shared service his responsibilities include: inward investment; business support and retention; tourism, marketing and events; economic development; providing commercial input across both Councils.

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Grade: Assistant Director

Contract type: Permanent

Salary: £60,000 spot salary

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Phone: 01984 635271