Joint management team

Taunton Deane and West Somerset Councils share a Joint Management Team. The Joint Management Team works closely with the Council Leaders, elected Members and with our partners to deliver the corporate priorities for both Councils.

Our structure

Chief Executive

Penny James Chief Executive for Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset District Council.

The Chief Executive leads delivery of the corporate management and operational responsibilities of the Councils, and statutory obligations are Head of Paid Service, Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer.

Contact details


Phone: 01823 356401 or 01984 635246


Director – Operations

The Director of Operations has overall responsibility for Finance, Revenues and Benefits, Corporate Services, and Operational Services (excluding Housing, Planning and Economic Development), and the statutory responsibilities of Deputy Head of Paid Service, and Chief Finance Officer.

Shirlene Adam

Contact details


Phone: 01823 356310 

Director – Housing and Communities

The Director of Housing and Communities is responsible for all of both Councils’ assets with responsibility for a wide ranging property and development service including new build housing developments and housing enabling.

James Barrah

Contact details


Phone: 01823 358699

Director - Growth and Development

The Director of Growth and Development has overall responsibility for planning, regeneration, delivery of community infrastructure, inward investment and economic development. Key priorities include the Hinkley Point nuclear new build and the delivery of Taunton’s growth and regeneration plans.

Brendan Cleere

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Phone: 01823 356350

Assistant Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer

The Assistant Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer is responsible for the core functions of Democratic Services, Elections, Legal Services and Communications and Public Relations.

Bruce Lang

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